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The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Dayton, INC. (STCGD) started in 1973, and was established to encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Scottish Terriers. Our club encourages sportsmanlike competition at dog show as well as educating the public about the characteristics of the breed. Every year, the club conducts a Specialty show that is sanctioned and licensed by the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

The STCGD is open to all who own or co-own a Scottie and are in good standing with the AKC. While the membership is unrestricted as to residence, the Club’s primary purpose is to represent owners, breeders and exhibitors within the greater Dayton area. For membership, the club requires the attendance of 3 functions/events in one calendar year, in order to be sponsored for membership. 

Approximately 11 meetings are held each year. Picnics, Scottie walks and fun matches are held in the warmer months. The annual meeting is held in mid August . 

A quarterly newsletter, the Scots Chatter, includes club news as well as articles to encourage the well being of Scotties. It also provides other information to its members and subscribers to promote interest in the breed. The club’s web site,, includes the latest news and activities. 

The club provides a rescue service for Scottish Terriers. The club affords Scottie lovers from Central OHIO the opportunity to come together for companionship and friendship, as well as to share their many stories and love of our diehard, the Scottish Terrier.

To obtain more information regarding our club, please  Contact Us.