The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Dayton


A Introduction to Earthdog & Barn Hunt

Hide and Seek Games to Play with your Scotty & Other Short Legged Terriers Taught by 

 Krista Williams (Earthdog Judge) 


 Rachel Corbett (Barn Hunt Judge)

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Does your Scotty (Terrier) enjoy Digging holes, chasing Squirrels and other Critters? 

 Have you wondered how they might do in a more formal setting? 

 Join us to learn and try out Earthdog or Barn Hunt or Both! 

Earthdog 10AM – 12PM

Barn Hunt 1PM-3PM

September 16, 2023

“The Land”

542 Valleycrest Drive

Dayton OH, 45404 

 $20.00/Activity or $35 for Both

Second Dog Free 

Learn more and register here.

Scottie Right

Earthdog is targeted to breeds that were originally bred to hunt vermin and other underground quarry. Man-made tunnels are set up for the dogs to go through in search of the quarry (rats in a secure box). The event is timed and starts out with a simple 10 ft tunnel with one right turn and increases in complexity as the dog progresses through the various levels.


Barn Hunt builds off of the traditional roles that many dog breeds had in helping to rid vermin (rats, mice, and the like) from farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes. A rat (quarry) is placed in a secure tube and hidden in a course consisting of bales of hay with obstacles (tunnels and climbs) as well as decoy lures. The dog is graded by time needed to find the rat and alert the handler as to where the rats are and then the handler calls “rats” the judge then stops the clock. If the wrong tube was called, the judge will show the dog the correct tube. 

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